A short history of Newlong Industrial Company Limited

 1941 March
The Cho Sewing Machine Company was founded by Yuzaburo Cho for the repair and sale of Special Industrial Sewing Machines in Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
 1948 March
The first sales branch was established in Nicho-machi, Taito-ku, Tokyo. The privately-held company was incorporated as Cho Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
 1950 May
Paid-in Capital was increased to JPY1,000,000. The company purchased 4950㎡ of land with a 2310㎡ building in Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. Large-scale mass production started.
 1954 February
The company purchased an additional 990㎡ of land next to the Aoto Factory in order to build 825㎡ of additional production facility. Started the production of multi-wall paper bag making machines.
 1956 September
The manufacturing and sales departments became independent. Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. became responsible for all manufacturing, and the Cho Sewing Machine Company for all sales. (Presently named Newlong Machine Works, Ltd.)
 1961 October
Paid-in capital increased to JPY36,000,000.
 1961 November
Established the Fujioka Factory in Fujioka, Tochigi-ken after purchasing 59,400㎡ of land with a 2,310㎡ building, and started manufacturing industrial sewing machines.
 1964 July
Cho Sewing Machine Company, responsible for sales, changed it’s name to Newlong Machine Works, Ltd.
 1965 September
Developed the Model 12M multi-wall tuber.
 1968 April
Built a new office and plant building of 3,432㎡ floor space on the Aoto Factory site, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.
 1968 July
Established Choei Co., Ltd., an accidental insurance and real estate agent.
 1968 November
Established the Nagano Factory for the production of industrial sewing machine parts in Nagano city.
 1973 August
Paid-in capital increased to JPY100,000,000.
 1974 April
Established the Odate Factory in Odate, Akita Prefecture.
 1985 April
Established the Kashiwa Factory in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture. Production from the Aoto plant was moved to the Kashiwa plant.
 1991 April
Established the Koide Factory in Koide, Niigata Prefecture.
 1991 September
Established the Kitakata Factory in Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture.
 2000 July
Merged with Nihon Giken Co., Ltd. Established production and sales of kitchen equipment.
Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd assumed direct responsibility for all marketing and sales of the NLI line of products.